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Wardlaw Trucking, is a transfer dump truck service located in Napa, California,  specializing in supplying and hauling landscape and construction materials

      Quarry direct landscape materials include:

            Decorative/color rock:
            Decomposed granite pathmixes:
            Wall stone and cobbles:
            Specialty sands:
            Compost and soil amendments:
            Planting and soil mixes:

Wardlaw Trucking offers a broad choice of colors, textures and sizes to meet just about any landscaping need. Please visit our materials page for additional information. Visit the services page for additional information on our services.


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office/fax (707) 226-1336


a close up of Wood Stone

     Lodi Cobbles

  Bright White Sand  
 perfect for a beach or sand trap on a golf course

1 1/2" Vanilla Sunrise

2"x 6" Vanilla Sunrise

  Napa Wall Stone

  Here is a project idea that you could dupilcate

(the rock in the above photo is not available for sale)

  Scroll down for photos of landscape projects with materials Wardlaw Trucking can supply. Click the photos for more information     

 Napa Wall Stone

samples of Decomposed Granite pathmixes

Lodi Cobbles

       This picture displays 3 materials,
in the foreground is a 3/8" blue chip.
 right is 2 1/2" Napa Wall Stone.
In the background ( lawn area) is Blue/Gray DG.


     A picture of Blue/Gray DG

   2 ½" Napa Wall Stone

using 2½"and 5"x 9" Napa Wall Stone.

(the rock in the above photo is not available for sale)

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